Caliber Styled Mod.

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The Caliber Style Hybrid Mechanical Mod is constructed from brass. It features hybrid connection and high quality spring bottom firing button that will bring good feeling when pressing it. Adopting silver plated electrode can produce prefect electrical conductivity.

Machined Body;
27mm Diameter;
Brass Construction;
Hybrid Connection;
High quality spring bottom firing button;
Silver plated electrode for prefect electrical conductivity

A mechanical mod is an unregulated type of device. There is no circuitry in the mod to keep the voltage steady throughout the life of the battery. Since you are running directly off the battery you can't increase or decrease the voltage and the vape will slowly become weaker over the lifespan of the battery.


The use of mechanical mods is limited to advanced users with knowledge of rebuilding, safety precautions, and how to properly use and care for batteries. By purchasing this item, you agree that Boldvape is not to be held liable for any damages or injuries that may occur from use or misuse of this product.

This device is designed for use with eliquid containing 0mg nicotine and is designed for the use in competitive cloud competitions.