Goon 25mm Styled Rda with bf & 510 pins

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Goon 25mm Styled RDA specifications & features

* Stainless steel and Ultem construction
* 25mm diameter and standard 510 connection
* Larger build space vertically and horizontally than Goon V1 and Goon V1.5 RDA
* Ultem inner sleeve to help cut down on heat to the drip tip
* Dome interior top cap for better flavor
* Original Goon V1 style airflow control adjustable
* Hybrid safe design
* Gold plated 510 contact pin

Goon 25mm Styled RDA Atomizer Kit package contents

1× Goon 25mm Styled RDA 
1× Tools & Accessories Pack
1× Packaging Box

Available Colors: black, SS, gold, rainbow